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Sickness and health at the workplace

SICKNESS results in absences and is a major concern for any organization. A local retiree interviewed by this writer said he had to cope with stress at his workplace. Another said stress is a part of life, and one must work around it.

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Christy Sakaziro with John and Halle Cooper.  Photo by Boyette CabalunaChristy Sakaziro with John and Halle Cooper. Photo by Boyette Cabaluna
Researchers with the University of East Anglia-Norwich Business School, the Stress Research Institute and the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University investigated the relationship between perceived job insecurity and sick leave.

The study concluded that providing truthful and candid information with adequate justifications as well as respectful and dignified treatment of workers on the part of a manager can help boost employee morale.

Researchers said organizations might also gain from the selection of managers who are fair and just. Training managers in the principles of justice is recommended.

Halle and John Cooper, relationship instructors from Colorado, recently visited Saipan for a two-day conference on creating healthy relationships at home or at work.

John Cooper said there should be trust, honesty and understanding to ensure a healthy and sustainable relationship between two persons or people in a group.