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BBJ Fitness Corner | Nutritional shakes as alternative diet

WHEN choosing a new diet, there are thousands upon thousands of options to pick from.

Do you go more for overall health when choosing a new program? Or do you look for quick results that can get you ready for your upcoming high school reunion, sporting event, or a beach body look?

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Wrecking Crew training partner, Bobby Cruz and Attorney Janet King, both clients of Jerry Diaz enjoy a post workout Nutritional Protein Shake after their individual training at Gold’s Gym Saipan.  Contributed photo

And with each diet there is no doubt that you will crave for food, and one option to replace that is nutritional shakes.

Gold’s Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz has many clients under his wings and most of the clients use nutritional shakes to support their diet plans including Kelvin Fitial, Alex Lauron, Dexter Tenorio, James Lee, Rodrigo Ada, Billy Grow, Bobby Cruz, Bonny Cruz and Janet King.

One of the main issues with a multitude of Nutritional Shakes or smoothies available to consumers is that it’s a supplement, not real food. While it contains a good amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, you can get the same benefits from consuming a locally homemade meal. Nutritional Shakes is the ideal meal or snack replacement.

Popular nutritional shake diets include Protein Shake Recovery (Preferred Brand), Slim Fast Diet, Shakeology Diet, Herbalife Diet, Nutrilite Diet, Nutrisystem Shake Diet and Ensure Diet.

Nutritional shakes are where weight loss is most effective. As a dietary supplement designed to provide a well-rounded balance of nutrients, these shakes help to curb junk food cravings. If you watch your calorie intake and consume nutritional shakes on a regular basis, you will see results after a few weeks or months.

Nutritional shakes can also help you gain some weight if that’s what you are after. Fitness fans realize that taken alongside regular meals, the shakes help to increase muscle mass if accompanied by regular workouts. The nutrients in the meal supplement help fuel your body and give it what it needs in order to gain strength and weight.

If you are drinking nutritional shakes on a daily basis, you’ll notice a difference in your energy levels. Many customers find that their mood remains more positive throughout the day and that they experience a clearer mind at work. That’s definitely a positive thing!

Nutritional shakes may not exactly be the miracle substances that some advertisements claim them to be, but they can nonetheless be effective aids for weight loss or lean muscle gain. To get the best results from shakes, use them as part of a healthy eating and exercise plan -- don’t use them as a single means to an end.

If you are looking to lose some weight, the weight loss shakes should be your go to option. Weight loss shakes are primarily for those looking to lose weight, but they can also be used as a meal replacement when you just don’t have time to cook a healthy meal. Regular protein shakes can make a great meal replacement depending on your goals, but specialized weight loss shakes typically have more nutrients and fewer calories which make them more effective at kick-starting weight loss. People looking to drop a few pounds would be wise to leverage a weight loss shake once per day, in addition to a good workout regime and healthy diet, to see faster results.

As for protein, it depends on your goals. Diaz recommends aiming for at least 20 grams of protein per serving. However weight loss shakes have less protein to keep up with lower calorie and that is fine. But if you are on a calorie restricted diet, a minimum of 10 grams of protein should be enough to stay full and keep your muscles fed.

Weight loss shake could replace snacks however it is not meant to replace all meals but rather only one meal per day. They are called supplements for a reason. Weight loss shakes can be utilized as a replacement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but Diaz almost always recommends choosing breakfast or lunch. Often times when people skip dinner and drink a weight loss shake instead, they find themselves very hungry when bedtime rolls around and this can lead to binge eating.