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BBJ Fitness Corner | The cost of getting lean

“IT has been 4 years since I became a personal trainer and the journey continues to find the best version of me.” said Gold’s Gym personal training Jerry Diaz.

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Rose Laxaman Diaz gets Personal Fitness Training with BBJ at Golds Gym Saipan. Fitness Goal: increase positive mood. put in a good sweat. Perform movements appropriately.  Contributed photo

Just because you have toned your body to that figure you have always wanted does not mean you are ready to take on the world just yet. You are almost there though. “I’ve been walking with the same weight with different physique and outlook throughout the years. Depending on my fitness goals, whether it’s maintenance or competition mode, I’ve realized that having six pack abs and a model like lean body is not the end game, however, I begin to look at the fitness scope differently and at the end of the day, it really depends on your daily performance in everything you do.” Diaz added.

The fitness industry is marketing diet approaches, magazine covers, supplements, training approaches with an overall goal to have six pack abs, buns of steel, and a lean model image. However, there is a cost to looking having a cover model look. You’ll have to ask yourself if you are ready to make the sacrifice and give up certain things.

An unhealthy approach without planning or effort means a daily behavior approach of eating processed foods, big portioned meals, and eating quickly. This unhealthy approach includes training without an exercise plan, eating fewer whole foods and sleeping less. You’ll know if you are unhealthy if your body fat percentage is above 24% for Men and above 30% for Woman. When using this approach, the tradeoffs include poor health, low energy levels, shorter life expectancy, risk of lower metabolic rate, and may need medications to manage various conditions.

You can look the part but are you really healthy?

For example, you can have an animated lean looking body, however, doing when you do the simple things in life such as carrying your children, leaning forward to pick up an item, or sitting on your chair while on your desk in front of your laptop, but you can’t maintain a proper posture which results to hurting your back does not make a generalized transition with training and performance.

A healthy approach means a daily behavior practice with eating slowly until satisfied, broken down throughout the day. Meals should consist of a colorful plate of protein foods, vegetables, and fruits for 1-2 meals per day. Exercise should include training at least 3x per week with activities you enjoy at various intensity levels. Eating desserts and processed foods should be less. Alcohol and high-calorie beverages should be limited to 1-2 servings per day. Even though it takes planning, you’ll benefit from looking good. With this approach, your health and energy will improve. Your sleep is regular and stable. And exercise is fun and enjoyable which motivates to stay consistent and disciplined.

Again, there is no shortcut to a healthy and lean body for both men and woman. A cover model includes airbrushing and photoshop to look enticing for its audience. However, this look is only for a short time. During non-photo shoot days, a model looks less lean and ripped.

Severe dieting can lead to loss of sex drive, disordered eating, social isolation, low testosterone for men and an unbalanced life.

A healthy athletic lean-look depends on your individual priorities and goals.

On a professional athletic performance level, there are many famous athletes that do not look close to having a model lean sick pack look. In the NBA, Steph Curry, a 3 time NBA Champion, and 2 time league most valuable player, is one of the skinniest point guards that can outperform other NBA players with ripped muscle mass bodies. Similar to Steph Curry, Serena Williams, a 23-time grand slam tennis champion, competes with a heavier weight suggested for height. Both professional athletes demonstrate focus on their craft that are essential functional to respective daily performance while balancing family time and raising their children.

The best approach to figure out your priorities and goals is to decide on which goals you are willing to strive for and why. Next, assess if you can remain consistent and disciplined for long term benefits. Finally, decide on what are you willing to give up and sacrifice for a healthier lifestyle.