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BBJ Fitness Corner | Staying Fit with a busy schedule

LOSING weight may be easy for some people but for others that have a busy schedule may not find that time needed to stay fit. Staying fit throughout the year is the goal; however, like everything else in life, sometimes our plans don’t go the way we want.

Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer Jerry Diaz and wife do Pull-Up Leg Raises which works the upper body and core. Contributed photo

“I have heard first hand from clients, the challenges they go through when trying to stay active and fit throughout the year. Challenges include family trips, off-island business meetings, holiday seasons, double jobbing, finding a babysitter, and class schedules.” shared Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer Jerry Diaz during an interview with Marianas Variety. These challenges can easily spoil your fitness plans and leave you in a vulnerable position.

These challenges can be surpassed by incorporating at least 10 minutes of physical fitness a day to maintain engagement of our circular system, metabolism enhancement, muscles and bones with movements with no gym equipment required. This way, an individual who has been training consistently can avoid shocking the body from regular intense training and avoid injury while maintaining preferred weight and physique as well. Building a habit of daily movement can increase the percentage of maintaining fitness and avoid “falling off the wagon” entirely. Minimal exercise movements can prevent individuals from losing all the benefits that they worked so hard for. Totally stopping regular exercise and movement should be avoided at all cost.

Effective exercises to help maintain overall strength include body weight movements such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and primal flows. Movements such as high intensity interval training, swimming, shuffles, jogging, walking, and dancing can help sustain the circulatory system, stamina, and cardio levels. To maintain a strong core, incorporating Yoga or Pilates exercises such as warrior poses, bridges, rotations, and lying roll ups will help do the job.

To keep it fun and counter boredom, individuals can shuffle exercises around or skip a few of them too. Other alternatives are coming up with different ways to add resistance or modifying the total number of reps and sets according to how much time they require. One may also modify according to preference.

The most important thing is getting full-body movement in each day. Staying consistent with daily exercise is another important key to keep individuals disciplined and motivated in order to reach their goal.

Next time life gets hectic, to make sure you stay-in-shape, use this approach when you just can’t make your regular workout happens. It will help you maintain muscle, keep metabolism enhanced, avoid weight gain, improve your overall mood, and more.