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Motivation: It’s all in your head

RESEARCHERS with the University of Washington Health Sciences/School of Medicine have discovered the important role played by a a group of brain cells called nociception in regulating motivation.

Inside the brain, Science News reported, “a group of cells known as nociceptin neurons get very active before a [laboratory] mouse’s breakpoint. They emit nociceptin, a complex molecule that suppresses dopamine, a chemical largely associated with motivation.”

Co-lead author Christian Pedersen, a Ph.D. student in bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine and the UW College of Engineering, said the “big discovery is that large complex neurotransmitters known as neuropeptides have a very robust effect on animal behavior….”

Researchers said “this discovery could lead to helping people find motivation when they are depressed and conversely decrease motivation for drugs in substance-abuse disorders, like addiction.”

A local resident interviewed by this writer said she drinks when she feels lonely especially when she’s at home all day. “I actually want to stop drinking but there is always a feeling of emptiness when you’re on your own,” she added. “Smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol helps ease that emptiness within me.”

Another resident said: “I drink at home alone because I’m bored. I drink because I don’t have anything else to do.”