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BBJ Fitness Corner | Ectomorph body type: Weight gain and muscle

“AS an athlete and a trainer, I envy individuals with an ectomorph body type which is thin and lean and has difficulty gaining weight and muscle,” said Gold’s Gym personal trainer Jerry Diaz.

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Jerry Diaz’s client Charlestone Kim performs the walking lunge, one-arm dumbbell overhead press at Gold’s Gym.

Some individuals believe that their bodies are genetically programmed to stay skinny and weak, even though they’ve clocked in countless hours of hard training and eating the right way. Frustration then leads to discouragement.

Diaz said the reality is that every person who wants to gain weight and muscle is obviously in need of guidance. And that person must train and eat correctly, and must acknowledge that it takes years for the body to transform.

Many individuals also make the mistake of working out too little or too much and not giving their bodies enough rest.

When an individual who is naturally lean begins lifting daily and eating properly, he or she will build muscle. But an ectomorph doesn’t need as much muscle mass to look big. In three to five months, gaining 10-15 pounds of muscle will dramatically change the individual’s outlook and frame.

“To my clients and friends who are blessed with an ectomorph body type, I suggest two simple things: eat plenty of food and lift heavy weights progressively,” Diaz said.