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Obesity and diabetes in the islands

IN Micronesia, many of those exposed to Western diet and lifestyle have problems with obesity and diabetes.

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From left, Veisinia Peteru, Lynne Sablan, Lani Pelisamen, Renee Terlaje and Christy Sakaziro.  Photo by Francesca W. Alfonso
But many are also addressing these problems by spreading awareness and following a healthy lifestyle.

For example, Veisinia Peteru, Lynne Sablan, Lani Pelisamen, and Renee Terlaje are out and about every Saturday conducting a yard sale in Garapan and participating in other community activities.

They believe that being out of the house and being physically active can help overcome obesity and prevent diabetes.

Another resident, Francesca w. Alfonso, is currently on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure so now she’s into farming and gardening.

“Being active helps me feel good and it gives me the energy to be active every day,” she said.

Today, researchers say, about one-third of adults in the U.S. and more than a quarter of the world’s population are overweight.

We must follow a healthy lifestyle and try to keep a normal weight because combating obesity or diabetes starts with the individual.