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Our Oceania | Chamorro potato salad

THIS simple dish is the perfect addition to any fiesta plate, and it can be perfectly executed with little-to-no finesse in the kitchen — if you can boil eggs and potatoes, consider this Chamorro recipe an option.

Our Oceania: Eggplant with coconut milk

HEARTY, nutritious, and made from all natural ingredients, eggplant with coconut milk is an age-old classic and the perfect addition to any barbecue. Read on to learn the trick to this Chamorro classic:

Three takes on Fina’denne’

WHEN it comes to a true staple of Chamorro cuisine like fina’denne’, three recipes don’t even scratch the surface of all the possible versions — and with this versatile dish, even the spelling varies (I use the spelling, but “finadene” seems to be just as common).

A simple and satisfying soup

LOTIS (spelled a variety of ways) is a Chamorro chicken corn soup that’s perfect for busy people on rainy days.