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Our Oceania: Zenn Tomokane’s fresh coco

EVERYONE loves lantiyas and bonelos, but delicious Chamorro desserts aren’t doing any favors for our collective waistlines. Some dishes are great for special occasions, and some — like Zenn Tomokane’s fresh coco — are delicious and nutritious all year round. Here’s our favorite chef’s twist on a local classic:

Our Oceania: Auntie Emma’s lantiyas

WHEN you’re looking for old Chamorro recipes, where better to turn than your own auntie?

Our Oceania: There’s something special about ‘saibok’

“YOU can saibok anything —‘saibok’ just means “cooked in coconut,” Zenn Tomokane told me as he darted through the busy kitchen.

Our Oceania: Ryan Ibarra makes the best ‘bonelos’

YOU would expect someone who makes doughnuts to look a little like a doughnut — round, and maybe somewhat soft. Certainly sugar-filled. But the Hyatt’s Ryan Ibarra looks more like a lifeguard than a pastry chef.

Boom! Red rice

IT may seem strange to share a recipe for red rice in a Marianas newspaper.