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Our Oceania: Titiyas from Tanapag

IT turns out there are more good cooks on the island than there are people who want their names in the paper. Luckily, I was able to convince my neighbor in Tanapag to share her titiyas recipe, on the condition that she remain anonymous.Step 1

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Step 3 Final product

“I learned it from my auntie. She was a good cook,” she told me as she and a few family members gathered around a large plastic tub, mashing the dough with their hands. “Me and my family, if there’s a party or a rosary or something, we cook, because we like to cook for others. It’s in our blood, all of us our cookers.”

Here’s how they do it:

Step 1: Dry ingredients

Mix a five pound bag of flour, three heaping spoonfuls of Crisco shortening, one spoonful of baking powder, and two handfuls of sugar (about two cups or so) in a large mixing bowl or tub.

“Some people like sugar, some people don’t because the coconut milk is sweet enough,” she told me. “We like sugar though.”

Step 2: Coconut milk

Pour three cups of fresh coconut milk into the mix, one cup at a time. Pause between cups to massage the milk into the dough thoroughly. We strained and added the milk in one motion, but some families put the coconut shavings into the tortillas. Many use the shavings instead of the milk. Save a small amount of the milk for the very end to wash and incorporate the residual flour from the sides of the bowl. Once mixed, allow the dough to sit out for about fifteen minutes.

Step 3: Fry

Use a paper towel to apply a thin layer of Crisco to a skillet, then roll out small bowl of dough into your desired shape. Err on the thick side. Fry on medium-low heat, until toasted on both sides.