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Saipan Southern High and Kagman High at NMC Start Smart Seminar

Saipan Southern High School and Kagman High School, two of the public high schools on Saipan, came together to attend a Start Smart Seminar hosted by Northern Marianas College last Wednesday.

The group of guest speakers, after being introduced, went to each table where students asked them questions about college.The group of guest speakers, after being introduced, went to each table where students asked them questions about college.
The NMC Start Smart Seminar was held so that the seniors of the high schools get a better understanding to what the college life is like and of the application process and the expenses that the students should expect if they decide to attend college.

During the seminar, Northern Marianas College President Dr. Sharon Hart talked to the students about how many years ago the United States of America was known as the most educated country in the world, but since then the U.S has significantly dropped, leaving the top spot to South Korea.

Hart had also spoked to the students about the benefits of attending a community college.

The other speaker was the Public School System Education Commissioner Dr. Rita Sablan.

She had told the students about her experience when first deciding to go through college, and then she had told them about her struggles as well.

Sablan gave the students tips on why community college is a great place to begin college, because they want to make things personal, whereas university colleges may sometimes define you as numbers.

The seminar held many activities throughout the day where the students could talk to guest speakers and they also held a time when the students from both schools could get to know each other better.

“I learned that it is okay to start smart, as long as you know where your priorities lie” said Akioni Babauta, a senior from Saipan Southern High.

“Start Smart was very informative and pretty organized, and we also got to interact with our peers. It was very interesting listening to the speakers, it was fun and insightful the convention overall was quite convincing and I feel more knowledgeable about the college application process and the college life,” said Kristine Babauta, KHS STUCO president.

At the end of the seminar, many students had said that they felt more informed and more convinced about attending a community college.