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What is a digital influencer?

(MVA) — Digital influencers are social network users with many followers and who have the ability to create an effect and change opinions and behaviors.

For the Marianas Visitors Authority, they are also a sure-fire way to reach potential travelers and make them yearn for a picture-perfect vacation in the Marianas.

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A digital influencer from South Korea shows off some of the catch in the Bud Light Fishing Derby on Rota on Oct. 5, 2018.  MVA photo

Since 2016, MVA has conducted a series of familiarization tour for digital influencers from Korea, generating social media buzz about Saipan, Tinian, and Rota across Instagram, Facebook,, and other social media platforms.  Most recently,  MVA organized the Marianas October Fiesta fam tour with eight active and powerful Korean influencers and journalists specializing in travel, including bloggers, Instagrammers, and YouTubers.

“Over 95 percent of South Koreans use the internet, making them one of the top internet- connected countries in the world,” said MVA Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion. “Digital influencers have a strong reach in the country, which is why MVA has brought a wide variety of them to Rota, Tinian, and Saipan over the last few months to share images and videos with their followers and give them a taste of life in the Marianas.  This latest group stayed one night on Saipan and three nights on Rota, giving them plenty of time shooting unique photos and videos at major tourist locations.”

The group was in the Marianas on Oct. 2-7, 2018. Throughout their visit, the influencers uploaded quality photographs of Rota and Saipan on their personal social media channels. Each of their posts attracted more than 1,000 likes and were also shared on MVA’s official Korea Instagram channel.

“One of the objectives the fam tour was to introduce and capture through quality videos and images of Rota’s celebrated Bisita Luta Festival and San Francisco de Borja fiesta, as well as the 2nd Annual Marianas Beer & BBQ Festival,” said Concepcion. “More photographs and videos will be uploaded in forthcoming weeks, and their posts are expected to generate significant engagement and interest among online consumers.”

On Rota the group also visited As Matmos, I Chen’chon Bird Sanctuary, Poña Point, the award-winning Teteto Beach, Swimming Hole, Senbon-Yashi, and Song Song Village. Activities included snorkeling and boat cruising in Rota’s blue waters and watching a sunset at Songsong Lookout. During the stay, they experienced two days of the Bisita Luta Festival held at Chamorro Village Park, where they took photos and videos of dances, the Bud Light Fishing Derby, live music performances, and island cuisine.

In Saipan the group enjoyed a complimentary stay at Hyatt Regency Saipan, where they also enjoyed a Surf & Turf lunchbox at Kili Café & Terrace, pool-side fried chicken set at Splash Pool Bar, and brunch at Giovanni’s. At the Marianas Beer & BBQ Festival, the group shot photos and made videos with drones while enjoying the BBQ and drinks, concert, Chun Ji BBQ Short Ribs Cook-off, Beer-lympics, and more.

Images and videos of the Marianas and the two festivals were posted on MVA’s official Korea Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Naver Blog channels.