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Around the Islands | ‘Around the Invasion’

THE following is an excerpt from this week’s episode of Around the Islands, “Around the Invasion,” in which WWII history buff Yoneko Sakairi Barcinas leads a tour (alongside historian and translator Jack  Kileleman) around Saipan, sharing Japanese soldiers’ stories that she’s picked up first hand in her over twenty years as a tour guide for Japanese patrons.

Jack Kileleman: This site is called Banzai Cliff. The big monument that’s in front of us is the first monument on this site. When you go in between this monument facing North, that’s where Japan is located.

Michael Manglona: So the location from between these two monuments, you’re looking at Japan? Oh my gosh, wow.

Yoneko Sakairi Barcinas: They carried the water and the cement and they made the monuments, the students.

Jack Kileleman: Yes, the monuments were made by students from Japan. The time when the bone collectors were here collecting bones, they actually had to carry the water over here to mix with the cement to build the monument. They were also collecting bones in the jungle everywhere around here. Lots of bones. This was in 1970.… It’s got a meaning; the statue has a meaning. A mother and a child kneeling, facing Japan, asking for peace.

Michael Manglona: A mother and a child? Oh my gosh I didn’t know that!

Make sure to check out the full episode on Marianas Variety’s YouTube channel!