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Around the Islands with the NMI youth

IN this episode of Around the Islands, Sophia Perez, Magic 100.3 DJ Jimmy Blancia, 2019 Miss Marianas Shannon Sasamoto and 2019 Miss Earth NMI Leisha Deleon Guerrero discuss the CNMI youth and the challenges and opportunities that come with having a public voice at a young age.

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Jimmy Blancia
From left, Marianas Variety’s Sophia Perez, 2019 Miss Earth NMI Leisha Deleon Guerrero, and 2019 Miss Marianas Shannon Sasamoto.  Contributed photoso

Sophia Perez: I was hoping to talk to Ms. Marianas and Ms. Earth about their platforms and the projects they have going on, just kind of help them plug their stuff, maybe get them some more volunteers, etc. So ladies, if you wouldn’t mind maybe telling us more about what you’re up to?

Leisha Deleon Guerrero: So I actually have a lot of things coming up. I plan on pushing for Reduce, Reuse and Recycle within the CNMI because I know that it’s not that developed here and I want to work with other companies. So for one I wanted to do a clothes drive to push for reusing clothes and maybe towards the beginning of the school year we can give them out. I also plan on doing a plastic bag drive with Joeten Susupe and implementing safe sunscreen with MVA or BECQ and other local tourist companies because I think it’s not really brought up, the sunscreen issue. And also I’m doing other things including youth events and eventually talking to our local restaurants about plastic because I know that it’s one thing that restaurants use plastic straws and containers and such but I really want to push for a more sustainable way with the food industry here in the CNMI so those are just a few things coming up as far as my platform and advocacy.

Jimmy Blancia: Shouts out to those restaurants that are using paper straws. Woo!

Shannon Sasamoto:So some projects I’m working on right now are the Girl Scouts and we actually had our orientation. I am a troop leader you will see me there. I think it’s a really great implementation here in the CNMI, a really great opportunity for young women and girls.

Jimmy Blancia: I have a question, I’ve always heard of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts. What do you actually do in the scouts?

Shannon Sasamoto:So something that we’re really focusing on right now is the STEM field and I think that’s a really great opportunity for these girls because these are areas that are mostly male-dominated so giving young girls the opportunity to explore their interests in that field is really great.

Jimmy Blancia:So is it open to all ages?

Shannon Sasamoto: Kind of, kindergarten through 12th grade; daisies, brownies, juniors, you know, titles like that. It’s really cute, I’m really excited.

Jimmy Blancia: Oh, I see. Will you be selling cookies as well, to raise funds?

Shannon Sasamoto: Hopefully, with the cookies. We’re not sure yet. Most likely.

Jimmy Blancia: Awesome, I’ll buy a lot.

Sophia Perez: Me too.

Shannon Sasamoto: I know, we’ll make money here for sure. [laughs]

Jimmy Blancia:Come on the show, we’ll announce it! So for my platform, have you guys heard of TTC?

Sophia Perez: No.

Jimmy Blancia: The Tinian Teen Center. So they were a non-profit organization, they’re not running now because of the recent typhoon that hit, their place got wrecked. But it gave me the idea because when I went there before, they had their own kitchen set up, they built their own oven out of clay, they made it straight from the ground. They ran a business, and everything was non-profit plus the thing was, the kids ran the teen center. There were no adults there to order them around. The kids planned everything and they raised all their money and then they flew here to Saipan and that’s where they met me, and then they flew me there so I got to experience a little bit of what they did over there. It turns out they had like movie night, game night, they had a pool table, darts. So basically throughout the weekdays, the kids would be at the teen center, just chilling. So I had the same idea to make a Saipan Teen Center, to make it a central area where everybody knows where it’s at, right across here because there’s this old restaurant that used to be here, across from The Shack.

Sophia Perez: Naked Fish?

Jimmy Blancia: I knew the owner so I just wanted to reach out to them to get them to at least rent the property for a bit so I can set up a teen center because I really want to keep the youth in our community away from drugs and all of that. Just to keep them away from that and keep them positive and just keep them on the track where they don’t have to mess up and they can spend time over there, have a good time. It’s kind of like charity but not charity, you know what I mean? But yeah that’s been my project that I’m currently working on and after that it’s all about cleaning and rebuilding and we’re good.

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