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‘Super Taste’ to bring Marianas $6.6M ad exposure

(MVA) — “Super Taste,” Taiwan’s most popular tourism and cuisine program is producing several episodes featuring the Marianas worth $6.6-million in ad exposure value.

The Marianas Visitors Authority negotiated to have the show film three episodes in the Marianas on Feb. 22-27, 2017.   The 10-million viewers of the show on TVBS will be introduced to cuisine, accommodations, and visitor attractions on Rota, Tinian, and Saipan.

“’Super Taste’ is the #1 television travel show enjoyed by all age audiences throughout Asia, Oceania, and North America, and the fact that we could bring them to The Marianas is an incredible opportunity,” said MVA Managing Director Christopher A. Concepcion.  “Not only did their creative team explore our best Marianas food from a Taiwanese perspective, but the show will also showcase the other tourist amenities the Marianas has to offer.”

The media familiarization tour was also sponsored by Hong Kong Airlines.

The following eateries and cuisine were filmed: a community “uumw” (earth oven), Garapan Street Market, Boka Boka, Stars & Stripes dinner cruise, Paju Korean restaurant, JC Café, Green Field Lion House, Rota BBQ Restaurant, and Tokyo En, Locations visited included: Grandvrio Resort Saipan beach, Grotto, Mt. Tapochao, Kilili Beach historic tanks, Tinian Blowhole, House of Taga, Chulu Beach, As Nieves Latte Stone Quarry, Swimming Hole, and Songsong Lookout.

The cast and production crew of TVBS’ “Super Taste” explore Managaha in February.

The historic latte stones of the House of Taga in Tinian are visited by TVBS’ “Super Taste.”

The picturesque beaches of Saipan are featured by TVBS’ “Super Taste.”

The cast of TVBS’ “Super Taste” explore Rota Swimming Hole.

TVBS’  “Super  Taste”  meets  local  residents  and  enjoys  indigenous  Chamorro  and Carolinian cuisine and dance.  MVA photos