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Marianas Home Care: From a patient’s viewpoint

Marianas Health is the place to go to and see what it is to receive quality and experienced health care solutions from reliable

and qualified medical staff that prioritizes your welfare above everything.

Read and listen to this testimony from a patient who has been receiving care from Marianas Home Care:

HI, my name is Tun Leon and I could be your dad, uncle, or for that matter any family member in your village. I want to take this opportunity to share all the great services I have been receiving from Marianas Home Care.

A nurse comes to my house and checks my blood pressure and blood sugar, teaches me about how to take my medicines, teaches me and my family about: how to take care of my wound, Takes care of my wound care, how to manage my pains assessment management, how to manage and monitor my diabetes and high blood pressure.

They talk to me and my family about proper food choices for my health conditions, management and even glucose monitoring.

When the doctor ordered for me to get IV medication and to do my labs my Home Care staff came to my house and did all these services right here in the comfort of my home.

A nursing assistant comes in several times a week and assists my family with my bath and my range of motion exercises. She also teaches me and my family how to take care of my skin to prevent skin breakdown, especially with me being a diabetic and gives me a bath and makes sure the area where I live is clean.

A Physical Therapist comes in and does a home evaluation to address any home safety issues and if I need any medical equipment. The PT assists and teaches me and my family what appropriate exercises to do to help strengthen my weak muscles and how to walk and use my assistive devices correctly so that I reduce my risk for falls and bodily injuries. does gait training so I don’t fall, teaches me how to transfer safely so I don’t fall and injury myself further, teaches me how to use all my DME’s, teachers my care giver on safe ways to shower me and move my body around so both of us don’t end up injured.

A Social worker comes in and makes sure I know about all the services I can get from our community such as get Home bound meals delivered, Assistant with the Low Income Energy Assistance Program, assist with keeping my Medicaid card current, Help me with getting new appliances with the Energy Division and much more.

Now for sure you will ask how I got all these wonderful assistance. I will tell you how.

There are two very easy ways to have home care service available to you in your home.

First, discuss home care service with your primary doctor. My doctor assessed my medical and physical status and verified that I qualify for home care service. Second, contact Marianas Home Care at 233-4646/47 and they will have somebody visit you in your home to assist you.

All I had to do was tell my doctor that I needed home care services and they wrote a referral to Marianas Home Care.

For more information please call Marianas Home Care 233-4646, visit our website at or come by their office so the staff may assist you and/or your family to avail of these services. {jcomments off}