October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Humanities Month

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres on Thursday signed proclamations designating October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and CNMI Humanities Month.

During the proclamation signing, Commonwealth Cancer Association board president Bo Palacios said breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in the CNMI.

Another CCA member, former Rep. Malua Peters, appealed to women to take care of themselves. “We can beat breast cancer if we take charge of our health. Love yourself and go to the hospital and have a checkup. Don’t wait until you feel the pain.”

She said CCA’s goal is to decrease the number of cases.

“Breast cancer comprises 29 percent of the cancer incidence in the CNMI,” Palacios said. “It is a public health concern. The CCA is involved in  outreach and education on different types of cancers, particularly breast cancer throughout the community and throughout the year. We want to thank the community for helping us achieve that goal.”

Recently, the CCA donated a total of $10,394 to the CHCC mammography section to provide digital screening and diagnostic mammograms for patients.

The governor said his administration and CHCC are finalizing plans to upgrade all hospital equipment, including the mammogram. 


The governor encouraged members of the community, especially young people, to participate in Humanities Council programs. “If you have the skills — in language, arts, music — participate and show our culture,” he said.

Humanities Council Board Chairwoman Polly Masga said the humanities will help us better understand history, cultures, languages, political institutions, and social values.

As part of the Humanities Month celebration, the council will hold the annual Valentine Sengebau Poetry Competition on Oct. 16 at American Memorial Park.

In partnership with Joeten-Kiyu Public Library, the council will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Family Literacy Program on Oct. 20.

On Oct. 25, the council will host the Governor’s Humanities Awards to recognize individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to the humanities.