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Art and Soul

Pictures were sketched, logos and headlines were drawn by hand and stories were typed written.

Today’s special vintage edition of Marianas Variety News & Views celebrates the artistic roots of its parent company, Younis Art Studio, whose founder, Abed E. Younis as an artist, sketched many of the newspaper’s early editions.

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This is the first issue of Marianas Variety publised on March 16, 1972.
Marianas Variety News & Views Founder Abed E. Younis who received a Humanities Lifetime Achieve­ment Award started as an artist.
Some of the previous and current artwork done by founder Abed E. Younis.
Some of the previous and current artwork done by founder Abed E. Younis.

The first Marianas Variety logo, the typewritten font and the hand drawn sub-headers and headlines on today’s issue are elements that were taken from the local company’s first newspaper edition.

The islands’ leading and oldest newspaper, Marianas Variety News & Views, turns 45 years old today, six years older than the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

On March 16, 1972, the first maiden issue was cranked out on a tabletop printer and the local family company has not stopped producing newspapers since.

“This year’s anniversary celebration will incorporate the artistic and creative side of our company and how we help promote the arts and cultures for 45 years through our newspapers and our services,” said publisher Laila Y. Boyer.

“Today’s special vintage edition takes elements from our very first issue to show how art played a big role in delivering the news and advertisements of the week,” she said.

From the beginning, Marianas Variety News & Views remains a strong supporter of the arts and cultures, understanding the importance that creativity instills in the development of society.

As technology progresses and art is translated to graphic design and development of the latest software, artists still need the ability to visualize and be creative.

New in News

News and newspapers are produced on a daily basis, making it one of the world’s largest manufacturers and one of the few industries that make something new every day.

“We are quite proud of the fact that it takes a large team to produce a newspaper on a daily basis and it is always something new,” said Boyer.

“It is a very highly specialized industry and costly, but when you understand you are delivering a most valuable service of a free and independent press for the home you love—it is definitely worth it,” she smiled.

Art still plays a big role in this production, as readers grow more visual savvy and the need to creativity and design grows.

This also applies to the print industry, as the mere stroke of the right color can mean the success of a promotion or a product.

Newspapers on a global scale have to compete with all the streams of information reaching its audiences, thus graphic presentation and layout, more than ever, matters.

Creative team

After 45 years of service, Marianas Variety News & Views is constantly seeking creative and innovative ways to deliver news and advertisements to a mobile world.

“We have had and continue to have great teams at Marianas Variety and we encourage creative thinking on how we can provide our readers with the latest quality news coverage and help our advertisers and print clients develop products and promotions that meet their goals,” said Boyer.

With a website, that garners over 10 million hits a month from all over the world, a Face Book Page, You Tube and Twitter Accounts, Marianas Variety News & Views is working to meet today’s changes in the digital world.

“It is nice to look back at where we started and where we are today so we could prepare for the future. We could not have made this far without our amazing employees and we would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to them and their families for their support and dedication,” said Boyer.