GCA K-12 Eagles excited for regional competitions

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(Press Release) — Grace Christian Academy’s kinder to 12th grade Eagles: 19 Primary Grades Forensic Conference, six National Junior Speech and Debate Association, and four National Speech and Debate Association competitors won several awards in January, the last monthly qualifying competition for all grade level categories held in different schools in Saipan.

GCA January 2020 NJSDA winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.
GCA January 2020 NSDA winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.
GCA January 2020 PGFC winners have their picture taken in the Rev. Raymond S. Kinsella Library.

Some win in two or all events and most of them won at least one event that they joined in. These competitions encourage public and private school students to participate in and become proficient in reading, public speaking, debate, and interpretations.

These winners together with some GCA competitors who are already qualified for the regional competitions opted to have a break are all excited to join the regional competitions in their respective divisions in March.

The K5 to 5th graders will start practicing for the PGFC regional competition to be held at Grace Christian Academy on March 7, 2020. First grader Seung Woo Lee who won first place in Dramatic Interpretation is excited to compete in the PGFC regional competition for the first time.

Seventh grader Jennifer Woo who won first place both in Declamation and Original Oratory will try her best to win in the NJSDA regional competition to get a slot to represent GCA as a member of Team CNMI in the national competition this school year.

GCA’s 12th grader Lanz Jabez Victoria, who won first place both in Commentary and International Extemporaneous Speech is now a veteran in speech competitions since elementary and has experience competing in the national competition. He is excited to join the NSDA regional competition for the last time despite his busy schedule as he prepares for college next school year.

The GCA community would like to congratulate the GCA competitors for doing their best in extra-curricular activities. Also, thank you to all the parents, volunteer judges, and coaches for their support and all the help they have given in this competition. Below is the complete list of winners.

Grace Christian Academy offers K-12 education and other learning opportunities. If you are interested to learn more about what GCA offers, please contact Beth Ann Nunez via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our office at 322-3320 or come visit our campus on Navy Hill, Saipan.

Primary Grades Forensic Conference (K5-5th grade)

K-2 Division

Dramatic Interpretation

Seung Woo Lee, 1st Place

Fiona Yu, 2nd Place

Catalina Frink, 3rd Place

Humorous Interpretation

Sarang Lee, 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking

Anne Gabrielle Arriola, 1st Place

Gwen Alexandra Retardo 3rd Place

Mirielle Isla Badal, 5th Place

Readers Forum Masters A

Anne Gabrielle Arriola, 2nd Place

Readers Forum Masters B

Sarang Lee, 5th Place

Chamorro Events

Mykah Jax Salas, 3rd Place

3-5 Division

Duo Interpretation A

Breanna May Lopez, 1st Place

Mariska Badal, 1st Place

Duo Interpretation B

Misako Ota, 4th Place

Maria Sofia Gomez, 4th Place

Humorous Interpretation A

Akira Ito, 2nd Place

Humorous Interpretation B

Breanna May Lopez, 2nd Place

Impromptu Speaking A

Hans Gabrielle Ordas, 2nd Place

Justin Yao Ma, 5th Place

Impromptu Speaking B

Eliane Nerisse Pagaduan, 1st Place

Akira Ito, 2nd Place

Lucas Zeyu Yuan, 3rd Place

Impromptu Speaking C

Arielle Mae Matutino, 1st Place

Readers Forum Masters A

Maria Sofia Gomez, 3rd Place

Llyana Jairah Manalang, 4th Place

Readers Forum Masters B

Eliane Nerisse Pagaduan, 3rd Place

Readers Forum Masters C

Mariska Badal, 4th Place

Lucas Zeyu Yuan, 5th Place

Readers Forum Masters C

Justin Yao Ma, 3rd Place

PGFC Coach/Coordinator: Mrs. Esther Manzano

Judges/Volunteers: Maricel Javier, Edriel Javier, Alyssa Jean Pantaleon, Na Lee Christy Lee, Julie Lee, Soleil Lamar

National Junior Speech & Debate Association)

(6th-8th grade)


Jennifer Woo, 1st Place

Sara Elizabeth Keaton, 3rd Place

Original Oratory A

Jennifer Woo, 1st Place

Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 5th Place

Prose Reading Masters A

Beatrice Ryza Fabre, 2nd Place

Julianna Rue Magtalas, 3rd Place

Prose Reading Masters B

Eunice Nicole Pagaduan, 1st Place

Story Telling A

Beatrice Ryza Fabre, 2nd Place

Luis Cataluna, 4th Place

National Speech & Debate Association

(9th-12th grade)


Lanz Jabez Victoria, 1st Place

James Alexander Keaton, 3rd Place

Ao Feng Louis Zheng, 4th Place

International Extemporaneous Speech

Lanz Jabez Victoria, 1st Place

United States Extemporaneous Speech

Ao Feng Louis Zheng, 2nd Place

James Alexander Keaton, 3rd Place

Impromptu Speech A

Lanz Jabez Victoria, 3rd Place

Original Oratory A

Na Lee Christy Lee, 3rd Place

Poetry Reading Masters A

Na Lee Christy Lee, 1st Place

NJSDA/NSDA Coach/Coordinator: Miss Grace Duran

Competition Registrar: Mrs. Esther Manzano

Judges: Arvin Dayao, Claude Aquino, Elijah Joshua Pajarillaga

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