Zoning Board OKs auto repair shop’s application with conditions

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THE Zoning Board has incorporated some of Saipan Mayor David M. Apatang’s concerns when it approved the conditional use application of an auto repair shop near the airport.

The applicant, Integrated Development Corp., operator of Abbhu Auto Care Center, proposes to occupy and renovate an existing building to operate an auto shop in Dandan.

Acting zoning administrator Yubert Alepuyo said the use of the proposed operation is classified as vehicle repair general and is permitted in the district as a conditional use.

The project is located near a gas station on Airport Road, which is zoned as mixed commercial.

In a letter to the Zoning Office, the mayor said the auto shop will accumulate vehicles to be repaired or “cannibalized” for spare parts.

He also expressed concern about the storage of hazardous and very flammable liquids and materials from used tires and car batteries.

But Integrated Development Corp. representative Sandra Jakosalem said they had been in compliance with all applicable laws and environment regulations when they operated an auto shop on Texas Road.

They stopped operating the shop after it was damaged by Super Typhoon Yutu, she added.

In approving the application, the Zoning Board included the conditions stipulated in the mayor’s letter.

These include not storing vehicles that are not actively repaired; employing visible measures to ensure the safety of the public by adhering to safe procedures for proper disposal of any oil waste and chemicals; and full compliance with the requirements of the Clean Air Act.

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