Tinian Stallion Battalion prepares for JROTC program accreditation

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TINIAN — On Jan. 29, 2020, U.S. Army Recruiter Staff Sgt. Michael A. Ryan arrived at Tinian Jr./Sr. High School to evaluate the JROTC Stallion Battalion in preparation for the triennial JROTC program accreditation or JPA which is scheduled for December. The last JPA occurred in December 2017, and the Stallion Battalion received a 97 percent rating, allowing the unit to receive its gold star, better known as the “Honor Unit with Distinction.”

Platoon drill.
In-rank inspection.

The JPA consists of the following:

• Continuous Improvement Plan Presentation

• Service Learning Project Presentation

• Color Guard Performance

• In-Ranks Inspection

• Platoon Drill

• Cadet Portfolios and Interviews

Sergeant Ryan evaluated the regulation team on platoon drill and made remarks that would help the team improve. He then inspected each JROTC block, asking the provided JPA questions that cadets were given to study. Following that was the Color Guard performance of C/2LT Emiliana King, C/SSG John Mark Palilio, C/SFC William Tudela, and C/SGT Chit Acollador.

Between events, Sergeant Ryan interviewed chosen cadets of all grade or LET levels on their portfolios that they had been building since the moment they stepped into JROTC. The final part was the Continuous Improvement Plan which is the Stallion Battalion’s Aluminum Recycling Can Program. The staff and cadet leadership presented their contributions to the plan and their duty responsibilities.

The Stallion Battalion thanks Staff Sgt. Michael Ryan for coming down from Saipan to assess the battalion. The officers and company leaders have worked tremendously hard for this. They are looking forward to maintaining their gold star and are determined to do so. It takes support and cooperation in order to maintain the excellent standards achieved by the previous cadet leadership. The Stallion Battalion is confident that they will continue that tradition. Hooah!

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