DPS: Motorist in auto collision was under the influence of alcohol

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THE driver of a silver sedan that turned upside down when it collided with another vehicle on Friday night was under the influence of alcohol, the Department of Public Safety said.

DPS classified the incident as an auto collision and charged the driver of the silver sedan with DUI, DPS spokesman Dre Pangelinan said.

“Occupants of the two vehicles sustained no life threatening injuries, although one driver sustained minor injuries and was admitted to the Commonwealth Health Center and was later released,” Pangelinan said.

DPS did not indicate which driver was admitted to the hospital, but a video circulating on social media showed a female driver face down in an upside down silver sedan.

Pangelinan said the sedan swerved into the opposite lane and hit the other vehicle.

“Collision was not head-on, but both vehicles did make contact on each other’s front driver side,” Pangelinan added.

DPS did not identify the driver of the silver sedan.

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