20 CUC water wells offline

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TWENTY of the 139 wells of the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. are offline, CUC Executive Director Gary Camacho said.

Of the 20 offline wells, he added, eight had been turned off due to perfluorooctane sulfonate and perfluorooctanoic acid contamination; four were shut down due to collapsed casing and low production; one is no longer operational due to collapsed infiltration tunnel; and seven are offline due to motor failure.

In a recent report, Camacho said in December 2019 CUC was able to produce 230,701,360 gallons of water, but billed 119,638,014 gallons only.

Of the total water gallons billed, 81,040,420 gallons were used by residential customers; 32,200,223, gallons were used by commercial customers; and 6,397,371 gallons were used by the government.

The non-revenue water percentage reached 48.1 percent as of December, Camacho added.

He said the decrease in non-revenue water percentage was due to the decrease in water production and increase in water usage billed compared to November 2019.

“This is the lowest reported non-revenue water percentage,” he said, adding that the non-revenue water percentage for December was due to the loss of water sales during the Super Typhoon Yutu restoration efforts.

He said water service is dependent on the volume of water produced at the well sites.

The operations and engineering department of the public utility, he added, are working together to identify leaks in the areas of concerns. A contractor has started working in the As Matuis area, Camacho said.

The areas with 24-hour water service include Marpi, Puerto Rico, Papago, Capital Hill, Calhoun, Gualo Rai, Agag, Kagman, San Vicente, Dandan, As Terlaje, Kannat Tabla, and Isley, Camacho said.

He added that 99.6 percent of customers have also been metered.

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