Head Start program introduces new policy council officers

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THE Head Start Policy Council introduced its new officers during a Center Parent Involvement Committee meeting on Friday at the Pacific Islands Club.

“Each school year, the Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council or HPC parent representatives and alternates are elected through the parent-level committee at the first policy council meetings,” said Jolene Guerrero Sablan, Head Start/ Early Head Start family and community partnership manager.

The members of the Center Parent Involvement Committee are parents or guardians of the 460 children enrolled in Head Start or Early Head Start.

Sablan said the parent committee is like the Parent Teacher Student Associations in elementary, middle, and high schools.

New Head Start/Early Head Start program has introduced new policy council officials. Front row: Jerika Laniyo, Rosemarie Skilling, Jacob Lizama, Ashley Bornilla, Javie Decena, Jennilyn Cruz, Millianna Camacho. Back row: Vivian Hocog, Bijoy Krisno Kundu, Alexander Standish, Joseph Barcinas, and Gertrude Li.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

“All families that have a child attending Head Start or Early Head Start are automatically members of the committee. But in order to become a member of the policy council, they have to be elected by committee members,” Sablan said.

The committee members have elected 10 parents and four community representatives to the policy council.

The Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council “works closely with the program’s management team and governing body to set the program direction,” Sablan said.

Recognizing that parents are essential partners in educating young children, Head Start created the policy council.

“Children, parents, and the program benefit when parents take on leadership roles,” the council stated. “Children learn more and experience healthier development at school and at home. Parents can become more confident, gain skills, and connect with other parents and staff. Program staff learn about the strengths, interests, and needs of the children, families, and community they serve.”

Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council members:

Chairman: Jacob Lizama

Vice Chairwoman: Javie Decena

Treasurer: Alexander Standish

Secretary: Rosemarie S. Skilling


Aprilyn Litulumar

Vivian Hocog

Bijoy Krisno Kundu

Juan Lizama

Ashley Bornilla

Saipan Community Representatives:

Roxanne Torres

and Dolores Sablan

Tinian Community Representative:

Jesusa Atalig

Rota Community Representative:

Dominica Cajucom

Board of Education Representative:

Janice Tenorio


Amzad Khan

Ryissa Rinith T. Demola

Michael Zandueta

Francisco Jr. Cepeda Macaranas

Aprilyn Litulumar

Gertrude Li

Jerika Laniyo

Vivian Hocog

Joseph Barcinas

Bijoy Krisno Kundu

Marissa Cepeda

Juan Lizama

Millianna Camacho

Jennielyn Cruz

Ashley Bornilla

Ma. Theresa Atienza

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