Green Dream competition to focus on recycling

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THE Green Dream competition will focus on recycling, Public School System science program director Asap Ogumoro said.

Asapmar Ogumoro

The competition is one of the events in the CNMI-wide STEM Fair, which will be held on March 13 and 14.

“The theme for this year’s Green Dream is ‘Circular Economy: Trash to Cash.’ We will be asking teams to create functional material using an upcycled material,” Ogumoro said.

The participating teams will be required to turn trash or recyclable material into a usable, functional, and saleable product.

The teams will present their research and actual products at the multi-purpose center on March 13.

“We will have a separate event for the Green Dream competition, and the announcement of winners will be held on March 14,” Ogumoro said, adding that the deadline for registration is on Feb. 28.

“We already heard interest from three or four public high schools here on Saipan and on Rota,” he said.

All entries for the STEM Fair competition will be presented on March 14 at Marianas High School.

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