US Senate made right decision, governor says

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(Office of the Governor) — Gov. Ralph DLG Torres on Thursday released the following statement regarding the acquittal of President Donald J. Trump:

Gov. Ralph DLG Torres poses for a photo with President Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in April 2017.  Office of the Governor photo

“I commend the U.S. Senate for making the right decision today in the acquittal of President Donald J. Trump. It has been clear from the very beginning that this process was designed to make the President look bad and for the Democrats to score political points during an election year.

“Beyond politics, the President has worked very hard for the American people, prioritizing the development of our workforce, strengthening our infrastructure, growing our economy, and helping working families.

“President Trump has always been a true friend to the CNMI. Under his leadership, he ensured the passage of the NMI U.S. Workforce Act, which saved our economy and the jobs of thousands of U.S. workers. In our most recent 902 consultations, the President worked closely with my administration to protect our national security interests and our access to economic resources and opportunities.

“Most importantly, President Trump supported the CNMI during a time of great need in 2018 when Super Typhoon Yutu devastated our islands — the strongest storm to hit U.S. soil in over 80 years. Through his administration, federal first responders were on the ground to help our island residents get back on their feet. That support continues to this day as we rebuild homes, schools, and public facilities, while hardening our infrastructure.

“I continue to support him because he has truly looked out for all of us here in the CNMI. I am proud to call Donald J. Trump my President, and I look forward to his reelection and four more years of his presidency.”

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