Tinian JROTC organizes Health Field Day at Tinian Elementary School

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TINIAN — For SY 2019-2020, the Service Learning Project Team of the Tinian JROTC Stallion Battalion organized a Health Field Day at the Tinian Elementary School on Jan. 31, 2020.

C/2LT Emiliana King goes over some reminders being starting Capture the Flag.
C/SFC Tyler Santos and C/SGT Ryan Nuera give a presentation on obesity.
C/SGT Mary Manuel, C/PV2 Samantha Sandbergen, and C/CPL Angela Esteban explain each exercise station.  Tinian JROTC Stallion Battalion photos

The event lasted two hours, from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. The team, which consisted of C/PV2 Samantha Sandbergen, C/SFC Tyler Santos, C/SSG Axl Ong, and C/PV2 Isa Reyes were led by C/SGT Ryan Nuera.

The battalion leaders came along to assist with the Service Learning Project.

Grade levels from Kindergarten to 6th grade assembled in the TES cafeteria to witness the SLP team give a presentation on obesity and diabetes. The team talked about the definition of obesity and diabetes, the harmful effects, foods that are good and bad for the body, and ways of prevention. Prizes were given out to students who could answer the team’s questions. At the end of the presentation, every grade was assigned to an SLP team member that was in charge of an activity. Then, cadets were appointed to a team leader.

The activities were:

• Capture the Flag (C/SFC Tyler Santos, C/CPT Dea Patio, C/2LT Emiliana King)

• Minefield (C/1SG Marisa King, C/SGT Elvie Dominguiano, C/CSM Julia Biton, C/CPL Saim Ali, C/2LT Tasi Long)

• Exercise Stations (C/PV2 Samantha Sandbergen, C/CPL Gio Vergara, C/SGT Mary Manuel, C/CPL Angela Esteban, C/SFC Daynee Pascual)

• Dodgeball (C/CPT Charlene Danganan, C/PFC Lloyd Rivera, C/2LT Kiran Shrestha, C/2LT Joshua Masga)

• Kickball (C/SGT Axl Ong, C/SGT John Mark Palilio, C/PV2 Renato Esteban, C/1LT Isa Long, C/2LT Kyle Pabolario)

• Obstacle Course (C/2LT Cielo Long, C/SGT Chit Acollador, C/MAJ Keyla Flores, C/2LT Clarence Rodriguez, C/2LT Yesha Reyes)

“The SLP team had worked extremely hard for this event,” Cadet Sgt. Ryan Nuera, the SLP team facilitator, remarked. “Even with the time frame we had and with all the adjustments that had to be made, we were able to make ends meet. The kids were so engaged and buzzing with excitement. I’m so glad that it all worked out and everyone had a good time.”

The Stallion Battalion cadets greatly extend their thanks to the teachers and staff of the Tinian Elementary school for allowing this event to happen. The cadets wish to have more projects like these, that involve the youth, to educate them on important topics.

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