PSS braces for budget cuts

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WITH the looming across-the-board budget cuts, Education Commissioner Dr. Alfred Ada said he is now working with the principals and teachers to come up with an “amicable solution.”

“The teachers’ pay has already been cut [since June 2019] so we are still under austerity. We will now wait for directions from the Board of Education,” Ada said.

In January, PSS presented three austerity proposals to BOE in the event of another across-the-board budget cut.

Ada said PSS is “ready to implement a new austerity measure” once the BOE approves it.

In the meantime, he added, PSS remains in “status quo.”

PSS is currently receiving $3 million a month from the central government, Ada said. “We can live with the $3 million per month until the end of this fiscal year so long as the government can help us with the other obligations,” he added.

For fiscal year 2020, $37.7 million was appropriated for PSS.

Of this amount, $34.8 million goes to the payroll of over 1,000 employees while $2.9 million is allotted for the operations of 20 public schools.

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