6 convicted felons granted parole

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EXCEPT for the parole application of Edward Blas, those of six other convicted felons have been approved, Board of Parole Chairman Ramon B. Camacho said.

The six are Denmar Malabanan, Amado Kereman, Mario O. Sablan, Guan Qiu Wu, Hu Biyu, and Pedro Ilo Sablan.

The parole hearings for the seven applicants were held at the Department of Corrections last week.

The other Board of Parole members are Jose Camacho, Michael San Nicolas, Ignacio Mendiola, and Cecilia Selepeo.

Board chairman Ramon B. Camacho on Sunday said Wu and Biyu, will be referred to U.S. Immigration Customs Enforcement for “processing.”

The Board of Parole, he added, will hold a press conference on Tuesday at 10 a.m. at its Capital Hill office.

Chairman Camacho said the board will discuss its report on the status of current parolees, their employment, recidivism, and other related subjects.

In a statement regarding the board’s decision to grant parole to six convicted felons, chief prosecutor John Bradley said:

“We can only provide the Board of Parole with accurate information and our position. We are a voice for the community and victims. The board members are responsible for making decisions with their votes.”

CNMI law provides that there must be at least five parole board members present during a meeting. To approve release, there must be at least four board members concurring.

Blas was 16 years old when he was arrested with two other defendants for burglarizing Marianas High School where they also robbed and killed a security guard. In Feb. 2011, Blas, through a plea agreement, was sentenced to 24 years’ imprisonment.

In 2011, Pedro Ilo Sablan was convicted of sexually assaulting a then 14-year-old girl at the Division of Youth Services shelter where he was employed. Sablan, now 70, was sentenced to serve a 30-year-prison term, all suspended except for 15 years.

Wu and Biyu were convicted of drug charges and have served 1/3 of their prison sentence.

Malabanan was also convicted of drug charges. This was his second parole application; the first was denied.

Mario Sablan was convicted of assault and battery, and theft while Kereman was convicted of burglary.

The AG’s office asked the board to deny the parole applications of the seven convicted felons.

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