Chinese couples cancel Saipan wedding

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CHINESE couples who wanted to get married at the Saipan mayor’s office have cancelled their wedding following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the mayor’s marriage coordinator, Bobbi Yamada, said.

She said, each month the mayor officiates the wedding of about 36 couples from China.

“But two weeks ago our clients started cancelling their schedule because they could not come to Saipan,” Yamada said, adding that Chinese couples usually submit their wedding applications online.

But the mayor continues to officiate the weddings of other couples who are already on Saipan, she said.

For the first quarter of fiscal year 2020, from October to December, there were 148 marriage licenses issued by the mayor’s office compared to 121 during the same period in FY 2019, Yamada said.

Of the 148 who got married in October-December 2019, she said 84 were male and female couples; 11 male and male couples; and 53 female and female couples.

Yamada said 113 marriage ceremonies were performed by the mayor’s office; 13 by the church; and 22 by the court.

She said 69 couples are residents; 72 are nonresidents; and seven are marriages between residents and non-residents.

The marriage ceremony fee at the mayor’s office is $30 for residents and $75 for nonresidents. The license fee is $50 for residents and $125 for nonresidents, excluding the $25 fee for documentation and $25 for each copy of the marriage license.

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