Official: 20 of 29 parolees are employed

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TWENTY of the 29 parolees are employed, Board of Parole Chairman Ramon B. Camacho said on Tuesday.

He added that 90 percent of the 20 parolees have also completed the recommended treatment and counseling ordered by the board.

Camacho thanked local businesses for giving the parolees a chance to be employed.

Chief parole officer Nick Reyes, for his part, said the parolees are monitored day and night including weekends.

“We make sure [the parolees] are following federal and local laws,” he added.

Board of Parole Chairman Ramon B. Camacho, right, and chief parole officer Nick Reyes conduct a press conference on Tuesday.  Photo by Bryan Manabat

Camacho also told reporters on Tuesday that he had asked Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, in a letter, to exempt the parole officers from the austerity measures that will be implemented by the central government in light of the steep decline in tourist arrivals following the global coronavirus outbreak.

Camacho said the parole office has only two officers who monitor the parolees.

A retired police major, Camacho said a parole officer’s job is tougher than a police officer’s because a parole officer deals with convicted felons who require constant monitoring and supervision.

Camacho also updated reporters about the community garden project in Susupe that will allow parolees to “give back to the community.”

He said they are already developing the piece of public land that was acquired with the help of Northern Marianas College- Cooperative Research Extension & Educational Services and the Division of Agriculture.

Recently the Board of Parole granted the parole application of six convicted felons — Denmar Malabanan, Amado Kereman, Mario O. Sablan, Guan Qiu Wu, Hu Biyu, and Pedro Ilo Sablan — but denied the application of Edward Blas.

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