Saipan Awaodori Team receives $2,000 from Japanese couple

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THE Saipan Awaodori Team received a $2,000 cash donation from a Japanese couple on Monday, said Sonia Siwa, event coordinator of PDM Promoters Inc., the island’s Awaodori organizer.

Yuji and Hiromi Kibe pose with Furusato Restaurant owner Hideaki Sawada who received a $2,000 donation from the couple.  Contributed photo

She said the donors are Yuji Kibe and Hiromi Kibe, regular visitors to Saipan.

Hideaki Sawada, owner of Furusato Restaurant, received the donation on behalf of the Saipan Awaodori Team.

“The Saipan Awaodori kids were very thankful for the donation,” Siwa said.

According to the group’s Facebook page, “Awaodori is a…traditional dance performed in many festivals in Japan. [On] Saipan we…have our own Awaodori Team. Our group consists of children…6 to 18 [years old and are] from Tanapag, Kobler, Gualo Rai, and San Antonio. Awaodori is a fun and enjoyable dance. We perform in many events [on] Saipan such as the Flame Tree [Arts] Festival, the Street Market, Liberation Day Parade, the March Against Cancer, and some school events. We also have our own festival [during which] members of the Tokyo Tensuiren come to Saipan and perform with us….”

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