Volunteer encourages community members to pick up litter at Sugar Dock

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COMMUNITY volunteer Max Aguon said more individuals are needed to maintain the cleanliness at Sugar Dock Beach.

During weekends, he said he, Akakiy Alexander, and Joe Cabrera pick up trash at the beach.

“We are happy that some beachgoers are now cooperative,” he said, adding there is a trailer in the area where people can throw their garbage.

But others continue to indiscriminately throw their trash into the bushes, he said.

Community volunteers Max Aguon, Akakiy Alexander, and Joe Cabrera pose after a cleanup operation.  Contributed photo

On Saturday, Aguon said he and the other volunteers collected 18 bags of trash at Sugar Dock.

He said the hardest part was when they had to pick up trash below the damaged portions of the dock.

They also used blowers to clean the beach side, he added.

On Monday, Presidents’ Day, Aguon said they continued cleaning up Sugar Dock Beach after picking up trash at the Chalan Kanoa cemetery.

“I am very thankful to the other volunteers who work side by side with me,” he added.

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