Customs: No more cargos, containers from China

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CNMI Customs has stopped processing containers shipped from China, Division Director Jose Mafnas said on Thursday.

The last time they processed and inspected containers from China was last week, he added.

“We are no longer receiving containers from China, especially,” he said. “There are no containers of goods coming from China right now.”

He said he has been informed by importers that some port operations have shut down in China due to the lack of manpower following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

The last time the local port received containers from the Philippines was two weeks ago, Mafnas said.

He noted that Guam is the first port of entry for goods imported to the Marianas.

“We are still receiving goods from the states,” Mafnas said, adding that CNMI Customs will continue to monitor and keep track of goods coming from China and other Asian countries.

Some community members fear that the possible shortage of goods from these countries will result in higher prices on island.

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