Rep. Camacho installs new sign at Paupau Beach

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AS part his ongoing beautification program in Precinct 4, Rep. Joel Camacho has installed a new sign at Paupau Beach.

A new beach sign has been installed by Rep. Joel Camacho at Paupau Beach.
A staff member of Rep. Joel Camacho paints a new beach sign.  Contributed photos

He said the original sign was hit by a car, so he decided to install a new one.

“We need to give our people continued hope despite the looming austerity measures — we must continue to spread positive messages,” Camacho said.

He said the new sign complements the pristine beauty of Paupau Beach.

Despite the many challenges faced by the government, Camacho said he will continue to work for the community, and this includes maintaining the cleanliness of Precinct 4.

“We’re committed all the way through,” he said, as he thanked his staff members as well as family members that include Ramon Sablan, Abraham Falig, Ronald Sablan, Rita Cabrera, and Serafin and Lilian Camacho.

“I want to thank them for all their tremendous work since last year that has helped transform our precinct,” Rep. Camacho said.

He said he is now planning to paint a mural dedicated to members of the armed forces, including veterans.

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