Governor OKs 3 Rota appropriation bills

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GOVERNOR Ralph DLG Torres on Monday signed into law three local appropriation bills for Rota.

House Local Bill 21-15, which appropriates $142,000 in electronic gaming fees, is now Rota Local Law 21-3; H.L.B. 21-16, which appropriates $127,000 of the Rota Municipal Foundation Reserve Account, is now R.L.L. 21-1; while H.L.B. 21-17, which reappropriates $100,000 in Rota Island Crop Association funding, is now R.L.L. 21-2.

All the local measures were authored by Rep. Donald Manglona.

The $142,000 appropriated in R.L.L. 21-3 represents 10 percent of the total fees collected from electronic gaming operators on Saipan as required by Public Law 18-30.

R.L.L. 21-3 allocates $42,000 of the money to the Rota Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services for airfare and stipend costs of those who attended the Fire Academy; $35,000 goes to the Rota Department of Public Safety for personnel and outstanding balance owed to CWM Travel; $35,000 to Rota Department of Lands and Natural Resources to pay the shortfall of a tractor purchase; $15,000 to the Rota Little League Association for equipment and operation; $5,000 to Aluf Golf Association for its youth program; and $10,000 to the Rota Department of Community and Cultural Affairs for its operations.

R.L.L. 21-1 appropriates $127,000 for student housing assistance while R.L.L. 21-2 re-appropriates $100,000 to assist the local farmers and fishermen on Rota.

In an interview, Rep. Donald Manglona thanked the other members of the Rota delegation for helping him address the needs of Rota people. He also thanked the governor for approving the local appropriation, which he said is long overdue.

The funding, he added, is for the students, farmers and other members of the community on Rota. It will help public programs move forward, he said.

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