House panel to hold public hearing on bills to ban Styrofoam food containers, plastic bags

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THE House Committee on Commerce and Tourism will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 27, for House Bill 21-89, which would prohibit the use of Styrofoam food containers in the CNMI, and Senate Bill 21-37, a proposal to ban the importation, production, distribution and use of single-use plastic bags in the Commonwealth.

Rep. Ivan Blanco introduced H.B. 21-89 ( while Sen. Vinnie authored S.B. 21-37 (

The public hearing will start at 10 a.m. in the House chamber on Capital Hill.

The following were invited to attend the public hearing: the Saipan Chamber of Commerce, the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality, the Department of Public Works, the Hotel Association of the NMI, JCT Enterprises, Herman’s Modern Bakery, and other food service companies.

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