Zero containers coming from China: Customs

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AMID the global Covid-19 outbreak, Customs Division Director Jose Mafnas said the CNMI continues to receive containers from other countries except China.

Finance Secretary David DLG Atalig, for his part, noted that a decline in the shipment of imported goods is a worldwide occurrence.

“I don’t think it’s unique to the CNMI. I’ve been reading reports that even in the U.S. mainland, the ports are showing a reduction in shipments coming in from Asia in general and from mainland China in particular,” Atalig said.

Based on reports, he added, some factories and manufacturers in mainland China are unable to operate and load containers for export due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Asked about the possible effect on the prices of commodities on island, Atalig said the administration will look into allegations of price gouging.

“This is not a natural disaster but an economic disaster that we’re experiencing,” he added, referring to the decline in visitor arrivals and business activities.

The CNMI government is hoping that businesses will not take advantage of the situation by dramatically raising their prices, Atalig also said.

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