USA Fanter accuses IPI of defamation

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IMPERIAL Pacific International has been sued by its former construction contractor for defamation in federal court.

USA Fanter Corp. Ltd. accuses IPI of making libelous statements in a press release it transmitted to and was published by Marianas Variety and Saipan Tribune in Dec. 2019.

USA Fanter, through attorney Samuel I. Mok, asked the District Court for the NMI to find IPI liable and award his client damages.

According to the 17-page lawsuit, the press release issued by IPI was in reference to certain construction work performed by USA Fanter with respect to the VIP wing and exterior works of the IPI hotel-casino project in Garapan.

Mok said: “Specifically, IPI stated that USA Fanter purportedly lied about the actual construction work performed, issued false reports, forged project quantity numbers, forged a payment, fabricated units of material used, fabricated prices and double-billed for work performed.”

Mok added that IPI’s statements “were false and defamatory and that USA Fanter’s business reputation was adversely affected as a result.”

USA Fanter wants IPI to make a public retraction of the alleged defamatory statements, but thus far IPI has declined to do so, Mok said.

He said IPI owes his client $2,089,345.28 for construction work related to the VIP wing and exterior work of the hotel-casino that is currently being built in Garapan.

Mok said after USA Fanter complained to the Commonwealth Casino Commission, IPI accused USA Fanter of disreputable and illegal business practices with respect to the work it performed for the project.

Variety failed to get a statement from IPI.

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