Democrats reach out to independents

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THE NMI Democratic Party is reaching out to six members of the 21st House of Representatives who won as independent candidates in the last general elections.

The party’s special committee for candidate selection sent individual letters to House Minority Leader Edwin Propst, Reps. Sheila Babauta, Richard Lizama, Tina Sablan, Edmund Villagomez, and Donald Manglona inviting them to a meeting on March 2.

The NMI Democrats met with Propst and Babauta last week and discussed the party’s goal, which is to enter the 22nd Legislature as the “new majority with the ability to improve the lives of the people of the CNMI and future generations to come.”

In a letter, the party’s special committee told the independent lawmakers that “it would be in everyone’s interest to unite our common interests and goals for a full slate of Democrats in this year’s elections.”

The special committee added, “As elected officials your valuable input and vision would not only be the face and voice of our party, but you would help to reshape and rebuild ‘The People’s Party’ working towards our goals of restoring much needed faith and integrity in government affairs.”

The local Democrats are hoping to “restore the two-party system in order to have a healthy democracy for better political outcomes.”

“We believe it is critical to our future as we owe it to the people of the CNMI to meet with all of you before a final decision is made about the future candidates of our party, and the composition of a new political arena,” the party committee said.

The meeting on March 2 will start at 5:30 p.m. at the Democratic Party headquarters on Middle Road in Garapan.

In an interview, NMI Democratic Party vice chairman Daniel O. Quitugua said the committee will also invite Sen. Paul A. Manglona who also won as an independent in the last general elections.

The last time an NMI Democrat won a legislative election was in 2007. The party has not won a gubernatorial election since 1993.

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