Mount Carmel School to maintain current tuition level and expand scholarships and financial aid

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(MCS) — Mount Carmel School’s board of directors recently decided to maintain current tuition levels and continue enrollment incentives such as the early bird registration discount.

The school’s leadership team is also exploring ways to expand scholarships and financial aid for its students. These measures are being taken in the wake of the spread of the coronavirus and the announcement of impending austerity measures in the CNMI.

In maintaining current tuition levels, the board and the leadership are focused on helping families during this difficult time. In the past 20 years, the school has only twice raised tuition across the board, in 1999 and in 2009. Despite this, over the past five years, the has board approved sustainable and incremental salary increases that now add up to a 50 percent increase over that time period.

Mount Carmel School’s leadership team and AlumKnight Association recognized MCS Chairperson and 1985 AlumKnight Vicente Babauta, fourth from left, as the 2020 AlumKnight of the Year. Mount Carmel School encourages interested community members to join the legacy by enrolling their children today. An online application is available at  MCS photo

The school is also continuing its annual early bird registration discount of $200 per student (normally $400) for students in first through twelfth grade and $75 for K4 and K5 (normally $100), which will be available until May 2. On top of that, the school’s Leadership Team will be exploring ways to expand scholarship funding and financial aid. This may include earmarking a portion of all Education Tax Credit or ETC revenue towards the school’s scholarship and financial aid program.

School president Galvin Deleon Guerrero applauded the decision of the board, which is led by chairman and AlumKnight Vicente Babauta. Deleon Guerrero said, “It’s always been our goal to offer the best Catholic education possible while keeping it affordable for our parents.” He added, “By maintaining tuition and looking to expand scholarships and financial aid, the board and school leadership are demonstrating their commitment to our students and their families.”

In addition to maintaining current tuition levels, the school will also continue family discounts for families that enroll more than one child. Families with two children can avail of a $600 discount for the second child, families with three children can avail of a $1,000 discount for the third child, and families with four children can avail of a $1,500 discount for the fourth child.

To learn more about enrolling at Mount Carmel School for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, call 234-6184 or visit

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