Guam Animals in Need donates dog, cat food to Saipan mayor’s office

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SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said his office has received donations from Guam Animals in Need or GAIN, a non-profit organization in Guam.

Alison Hadley, center, executive director of Guam Animals in Need, poses with staff members and friends.  Contributed photo

GAIN, through its executive director Alison Hadley, has donated dog food, cat food, and dog treats to the mayor’s dog control program.

“We are very pleased to receive another shipment of dog and cat food from our partner in Guam. Guam Animals in Need,” the mayor said.

He added that GAIN donated a total of 748 pounds of dog and cat food in December 2019, and 360 pounds in February 2020.

“The generosity of GAIN couldn’t come at a better time when our resources to continue providing shelter and food for the dogs and cats we remove from our streets and villages have drastically been reduced,” the mayor said.

“We can’t thank GAIN enough for the donations we have received recently and in the past. Because the donations will replenish our dwindling supply of dog and cat food during this period of severe cutbacks and shortfall in revenue collection, we want to personally thank the staff of GAIN, and our point of contact for the organization in Guam, Ms. Alison Hadley, for their generosity,” he added.

Apatang said the Tinian mayor’s office also received a shipment of dog and cat food from GAIN last month.

The mayor said the Saipan dog control program continues to perform its statutory responsibility of controlling the dog population by removing stray dogs and cats in public areas and transporting them to the temporary animal shelter in As Perdido.

“The overwhelming number of strays is inescapably strenuous to the facility and the food supply levels under the program,” he said.

“Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Ghilisow, and thank you Alison Hadley and GAIN! We are tremendously grateful for your generous donation as it has allowed the animal shelter to maintain a steady food supply level for the animals. Your vision of community connections has extended to an inter-island collaboration and is improving the health of the animals within the program,” Mayor Apatang said.

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