Overstaying tourist sentenced to time served

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HUANQI Wu, an overstaying tourist who admitted that he paid another person to obtain a CNMI driver’s license, was sentenced to eight days of time served.

District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona on Monday also placed Wu on 12 months’ probation.

In addition, Wu will pay a $100 assessment fee and self-report to an immigration official for deportation proceedings.

Wu was charged with conspiring with another person to unlawfully produce an identification document.

At the sentencing hearing, Wu was represented by attorney Colin Thompson with Mike Yang serving as an interpreter.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Garth Backe appeared for the federal government.

On Dec. 6, 2019, Federal Protective Service Inspector Sean White conducted a traffic stop and encountered Wu who presented a CNMI driver’s license.

Because Wu spoke a little English, the FPS requested assistance from Homeland Security Investigations.

HSI discovered that Wu is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China who had overstayed his CNMI-only conditional parole.

Wu entered the CNMI on Sept. 27, 2016 and was granted CNMI-only conditional parole until Sept. 30, 2016 only.

Moreover, Wu presented a CNMI driver’s license that had been obtained using a fraudulent immigration document.

Through an interpreter, Wu said he needed a driver’s license in order for him to work in the CNMI.

He said he could not get a driver’s license because of his immigration status, so he asked a known conspirator to help him get a driver’s license.

Wu said he he paid 2,100 RMB, approximately $300, for the known conspirator’s assistance. No other information about this conspirator was available in court documents.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles issued Wu a CNMI driver’s license after he submitted a driver’s license application with a fraudulent I-797A immigration form.

Wu denies that he made the fake CW-1 immigration form that was submitted with his license application.

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