CHCC conducts health screenings at 5 hospital entrances

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AS part of the ongoing preventive measures against Covid-19, the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. is screening visitors at five entrances to the hospital.

Anthony Camacho, right, of the Community Guidance Center, and Luisa Santos of the Women, Infants and Children or WIC clinic, conduct health screening for individuals visiting the hospital.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

These include the gift shop, the Hemodialysis Unit, the Family Care Clinic, the administration building, and the emergency room.

Health personnel deployed at these entry points ask hospital visitors basic questions relating to their health and their recent travel, if any, or if they are experiencing any flu-like symptoms. Each screening takes about five minutes.

CHCC communications and public relations specialist Zoe Travis said the health screenings have been going on for about a week now. “This is a precautionary measure…[that] allows our emergency preparedness team to continue to monitor the health of our community members in the face of Covid-19,” she added.

As of Tuesday, Travis said, the CNMI had no confirmed cases of Covid-19.

If a hospital visitor is showing flu-like symptoms, CHCC health worker Anthony Camacho said they will provide the patient medical supplies, such as a face mask, alcohol or hand sanitizer. “The patient will be brought to a different room so he or she won’t be with the other people in the waiting area.”

A program coordinator at Community Guidance Center, Camacho has been assigned to the Hemodialysis Unit to conduct health screenings.

“We don’t want people to panic,” he said. “It is flu season until July. Our goal now is to try to prevent it or try to contain it, so it won’t [infect] the rest of the community or the hospital staff.”

The health personnel conducting the screenings underwent training before they were assigned to their respective stations.

Camacho said a CHCC team is also assessing individuals arriving at the Saipan airport.

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