Saipan mayor’s office creates Street Naming and Addressing Section

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THE Saipan mayor’s office created a Saipan Street Naming and Addressing Section in January for the island’s house numbering project, special assistant to the mayor Henry Hofschneider said on Wednesday.

The office of the new section is located on the second floor of the Saipan mayor’s office at the CTC Building in Oleai.

Hofschneider said the office will be headed by a Geographic Information System specialist and its staff will consist of three other technicians.

Funding for the GIS specialist has been allotted already by a local appropriation law, he added.

“We will be hiring a GIS specialist within two months,” he said.

The mayor’s office, he added, will also work on the master map since there are 289 streets that still do not have names.

Hofschneider said the mayor’s office will consult with the residents in those areas.

The names of the streets, he added, will based on the theme assign to the area.

The themes include names of food, airlines, Carolinian and other island leaders, recreational fishing, tourism, colors, ancient Chamorro lore, vines, inland trees, fruits and vegetables, flowers, islands, wetland trees, reefs, discovery vessels, fish, first names, coconut trees, medicinal plants, island history, birds, coastal plants, flower trees, marine life, insects, Talabwog traditions, war relics, and animals.

“The themes cover different villages and cross village boundaries,” Hofschneider said.

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