Hostage situation still unresolved

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AS of 9 p.m. Wednesday, and despite more than 24 hours of negotiations between the suspect and the Department of Public Safety, the hostage situation in San Antonio remained unresolved.

Gordon Aldan Castro

The suspect, Gordon Aldan Castro, discharged his firearm and held a woman hostage on Tuesday afternoon after police attempted to serve an arrest warrant on him.

Due to the emergency situation in the area, Francisco M. Sablan Middle School and the San Antonio Head Start Center will remain closed today, Thursday, the Public School System said. (See related story in today’s edition.)

In a statement, Department of Public Safety spokesman Dre Pangelinan said as of 9 p.m., Wednesday, law enforcement officers remained at the scene.

DPS, he added, “is asking residents near the immediate area to stay clear until DPS states that it is safe to return. DPS is [also] asking parents to refrain from allowing their children to roam freely near or around the area of San Antonio. DPS is [likewise] asking motorists to consider alternate routes when planning to drive through the village of San Antonio.”

Pangelinan said around 11:45 a.m., Wednesday, the suspect “discharged several more rounds toward the area where officers were posted” but no one was injured.

At 11:57 a.m., Pangelinan said police officers delivered “another package of consumables to the suspect” as “negotiations for his surrender are still ongoing.”

Police officers used a megaphone in communicating to Castro.

“Gordon,” an officer said, “we are coming to give you your medication. Do not fire. Do not shoot us. We are tossing it to the second floor balcony. Do not shoot. Gordon, your medication is in a white bag. I repeat, your medication is in a white bag.”

Castro and his hostage were in a house that belongs to his mother. She and his sister were evacuated from the house by the police, Variety learned.

Superior Court Judge Joseph N. Camacho on Tuesday issued a warrant of arrest for 31-year-old Gordon Aldan Castro on charges of attempted murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, unlawful discharge of a firearm, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, and use of a weapon in the furtherance of the crime.

In Oct. 2015, Judge Camacho found probable cause to charge Castro with holding his family hostage for seven hours at his house in Afetna.

In that case, Castro was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, kidnapping, and disturbing the peace.

Castro was also a cooperating source in some drug cases investigated by police Variety learned.

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