Yamada couple: DPS refused to meet with us

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HIDEKI and Kozue Yamada, parents of the two Japanese sisters who were reported missing in July 2014, were disappointed that the Department of Public Safety did not meet them during their 27th visit on Saipan on Friday.

Hideki and Kozue Yamada, parents of the missing Japanese sisters, Chinatsu and Natsuki, are again visiting Saipan to get an update about the case.  Photo by Junhan B. Todino

“Talking with DPS gives us hope, but this time we were informed that they don’t have new information and declined to meet with us,” Mr. Yamada said through an interpreter.

Variety was unable to get a comment from DPS.

The Yamada couple were on island to join the 2020 Saipan Marathon on Saturday and to continue to remind the community about their daughters, Chinatsu, then 26 years old, and Natsuki, then 33 years old, who were last seen on June 30, 2014.

The sisters’ rented car was found at Wing Beach where police believed they drowned while swimming. A deflated raft that was apparently used by the sisters was recovered from the sea.

The Japan Times quoted the local police as saying that there was no sign of foul play and they believed the sisters went for a night swim in an area known for strong currents.

Mr. Yamada told Variety that he and his wife are wondering why DPS has not provided them with the investigation report about the video footage they presented to the police.

He said the footage, taken from the Mariana Resort where the Yamada sisters stayed, showed a “Chinese-looking man talking and walking” with his daughters at the hotel before the sisters went to Wing Beach.

He said they have also asked DPS to provide them an inventory of the belongings of their daughters, which included a necklace and other valuables.

“Even if DPS will not meet us we will still come here to Saipan,” he said. “We hope DPS will change their mind and will again meet with us and will continue looking for something new in this case.”

On Thursday, he and his wife visited Wing Beach and laid flowers at the site where the belongings of their daughters were discovered.

He said they prayed at the beach and told their daughters, “We love you and we are waiting for you to come back.”

Mr. Yamada said they were also informed that the Japanese Consulate on island should not get involved with the case of their missing daughters.

The support provided by the consulate in setting appointments and providing a translator to the couple is not offered in other countries, he was told.

“We will be working now on our own,” Mr. Yamada said, adding that they will be back on island in June to mark the sixth anniversary of their missing daughters.

He said a reward of $10,000 is still available to those who can provide information about their missing daughters.

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