Household trash dumped at Sugar Dock beach

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HOUSEHOLD trash has been dumped yet again at Sugar Dock beach area, community volunteer Max Aguon said.

Community volunteer Max Aguon shows the bags of trash he collected recently at Sugar Dock beach.
Empty beer and soda cans, among other trash items, are seen at a Sugar Dock beach pavilion.  Contributed photos

He added that someone saw occupants of a sedan and an SUV on Saturday night and early Sunday morning throwing their garbage in the area.

“This is very disgusting that people continue to disregard our effort to clean up our beach,” Aguon said.

Some beachgoers have also left their trash at a pavilion, he added.

Despite the non-cooperation of these individuals, Aguon said he will continue his volunteer service.

On Saturday, he collected 12 bags of trash at the Chalan Kanoa cemetery and Sugar Dock, and 27 bags of trash on Sunday at the beach.

He said he is grateful to Akiky Alexander of the Division of Parks and Recreation for helping him transport the trash to the landfill.

Starting this week, Aguon said he will conduct a cleanup at the beach on austerity Friday.

“This means that I will be cleaning there for three days including Saturday and Sunday,” he added.

He said it is important to continue cleaning the beach even on austerity Friday “so it will be clean for the beachgoers.”

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