New law to aid Rota fishermen, farmers

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ON Friday, Rep. Donald M. Manglona reiterated his deep appreciation for the three House local bills that were signed into Rota law by Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, especially Rota Local Law 21-2.

Donald Manglona

R.L.L. 21-2 amends R.L.L. 20-8 to redirect $100,000 for the Rota Island Specialty Crop Association. The local law intends “to assist the local Rota fishermen and farmers’ programs under the expenditure authority of the president of the non-profit corporation. “

During the House session, Manglona said, “We have heard from the public how important agriculture should be looked at, and [how important it is to] see how we can expand that option of going into farming. I understand that we are cash-strapped, but should funds become available some other way, at least the farmers on Rota can start pushing for this. With that, again, I just want to thank the delegation members and the people for their support, especially the governor and his administration.”

He introduced the three House local bills in April of last year, including H.L.B. 21-17, which was passed unanimously by the Rota Legislative Delegation and was signed into law as R.L.L. 21-2.

The other two bills that were also signed into law were H.L.B. 21-15 and H.L.B. 21-16.

H.L.B. 21-15 appropriates $142,000 of the funds specifically allotted to the First Senatorial District or Rota under Public Law 18-30. It was transmitted to the Rota Legislative Delegation on April 30, 2019, and upon its signing is now R.L.L. 21-3.

H.L.B. 21-16, now R.L.L. 21-1, appropriates $127,209 for the Rota Municipal Scholarship Foundation Reserve Account. It was also introduced on April 29, 2019, then transmitted to the Rota Legislative Delegation on April 30, 2019, where it was later approved.

After Rep. Manglona expressed his appreciation during the House session on Friday, House Speaker Blas Jonathan T. Attao said on behalf of the House, “We would like to congratulate you on your first couple of local laws.”

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