NMI Republicans name delegation to GOP convention

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THE NMI Republican Party has selected Senate Vice President Jude U. Hofschneider of Tinian and Aubrey Hocog of Rota as part of the NMI delegates to the Republican National Convention, which will be held from Aug. 24 to 27 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

From left, NMI Republican Party second vice president Vince Torres, treasurer Rufin Inos, secretary Glenna SP Reyes, first vice president Felicidad Ogumoro and president James Ada.  Contributed photo

The other members of the NMI delegation are Gov. Ralph DLG Torres, local party president James Ada, committeeman Diego T. Benavente, committeewoman Nadine Deleon Guerrero, Angel A. Demapan, Jack DLG Torres, and Gerilyn Dela Cruz. The alternate delegates are Christopher Concepcion, Viola Alepuyo, and Mark Rabauliman.

During the NMI Republican Party presidential caucus on Sunday, Trump campaign director Dave Huguenel said the president “is not taking any of you for granted that is why I am here.”

He also noted that Gov. Torres “is the first governor in the country to endorse Trump.”

Huguenel said that the president has made sure that his administration will address the issues that are important to the territories.

“That is what Trump campaign is all about — he is making sure that his administration doesn’t take any people for granted, and he is making sure he doesn’t take friends for granted. The support here is phenomenal and the governor has shown a lot of hospitality and his campaign has been absolutely fantastic,” Huguenel added.

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