Governor revises executive order

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GOVERNOR Ralph DLG Torres on Tuesday revised his Executive Order 2020-04, which declares public health emergency.

Instead of restricting non-residents not certified as Covid-19-free, the governor’s revised directive requires 14-day self-quarantine of all persons coming from countries with confirmed cases of coronavirus.

The revised Directive 8 of the governor’s EO now reads:

“All persons who are traveling into the CNMI, who originate from a country with an identified Covid-19 outbreak, inclusive of Guam, Hawaii, and the Continental United States, must exercise self-quarantine for 14 consecutive days as prescribed by [the Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.], These individuals will be enrolled in the CHCC Covid-19 text-based illness monitoring system and will be subject to monitoring and follow up with CHCC per their surveillance protocols. Failure to comply with CHCC self-quarantine protocol will subject the person to an order of isolation and quarantine. Travelers, including pilots and flight crew, with return flights within less than 14 days of arrival will be permitted to depart the CNMI.”

The executive order added: “CHCC shall coordinate with the Commonwealth Ports Authority, the CNMI Customs Service, the Marianas Visitors Authority and any other necessary government agency, Commonwealth or federal, to develop and implement protocols, quarantine measures and other increased monitoring and controls at the Commonwealth airports and seaports as to all arriving travelers, passengers and cargo for screening for Covid-19.”

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